Saturday, October 23, 2010

49 and Freaking Out!

Oh My God!  I've just had my 49th birthday; well actually it was in July and now it's already October!  Nine months to go and then I am no longer in my forties.  How in the hell did this happen?  I just told my Blogging teacher the title of my Blog page and she said you don't look 49.  I love her!  Does she have any idea how much maintenance that it takes to Not look 49? Well, I regularly hi-lite my brown hair with blonde streaks, helps hide those white hairs that keep appearing.  I spend entirely too much money on those anti-wrinkle face creams.  Well, that is another post to look forward to.  What I am wondering is what will I say now when people ask me my age.  Before I got away with "mid 40s."  I think I will lie.  The only problem with that is that I want to have a 50th Birthday party.  If I have a 50th, then all my freinds will know my age.  Worse, if I invite one or two freinds from work, then everyone at my work will know.  How embarrassing.  I wonder if men care if everyone knows they are 50?  The other thing is that I had a child when I was 40, so I have a child in year three.  Most of the mothers in my child's class are younger than me.  So now everyone at the school will know.  Will they care?  Probably not.  I will care though.  There goes that kid's mother.  Can you believe that she is 50 years old?  I am so worried about turning 50, that I am missing 49.